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Azitra is a pioneer in genetically engineered bacteria and proteins for therapeutic use in dermatology. Azitra leverages proprietary platforms and an internal microbial library to create new therapeutics that are either engineered living organisms or engineered proteins or peptides to treat skin diseases. Azitra has built a proprietary platform that includes a microbial library comprised of approximately 1,500 unique bacterial strains that can be screened for unique therapeutic characteristics. The platform is augmented by an artificial intelligence and machine learning technology that analyzes, predicts, and helps screen Azitra’s library of strains for drug like molecules. The platform also utilizes a licensed genetic engineering technology, which can enable the transformation of previously genetically intractable strains. Azitra’s initial focus is on the development of genetically engineered strains of Staphylococcus epidermidis. Azitra’s lead therapeutic candidates are ATR-12, a genetically modified strain of S. epidermidis for treating the orphan disease Netherton syndrome, and ATR-04, a genetically modified strain of S. epidermidis for treating the papulopustular rash experienced by cancer patients undergoing epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitor, or EGFRi, targeted therapy.

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